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Seeking talented and skilled help!

Hello everyone,
We want to start getting back to giving regular updates pretty soon. Blade Symphony is something we've wanted to share with the world for quite a long time, and now with the help from all of the Kickstarter Contributors, we will be able to develop it to it's full potential!

Along the way though, we've lost some pretty good hands to shifting priorities, other jobs, what have you. Everyone who has parted with Puny Human has begun a new opportunity and we wish them the best of luck.

This has left our pool of talent a little dry, and we're looking for skilled developers to come along for the ride.
If you or anyone you know is looking to join a kick-ass team, and help create a fantastic commercial title, please head over to the jobs section, and apply for something awesome!

We're PHANs of Japan

One week ago today, Japan was struck with a massive earthquake and ensuing tsunami, which caused catastrophic damage in the northern part of the country and led to the death of thousands of individuals.

When you're a gamer, it can be easy to continuously get lost in worlds of fiction and fantasy, and perhaps little by little forget the importance of the real world in our everyday gamer lives. Japan plays a big part in this role, providing us with many creative examples that inspire fun games, hardware and technology to create them and wonderful fans to play them.

This especially rings true with our latest game, Blade Symphony, which pulls many artistic and thematic ideas and philosophies from Japanese culture. Blade Symphony owes something to this country, and as human beings, so do we.

That's why through the end of March, all donations that go to be a member of the PHAN Club will be given to charity in order to benefit relief work in Japan. Normally, these funds are used to keep Puny Human's free games in development, but now others need it more.

As on a usual basis, those that donate to the Puny Human Appreciation Network will be made an exclusive member, with many rewards and benefits! One of the added benefits to being a PHAN Club member right now, is access to the Blade Symphony Closed Beta!

Please find it in your heart to go to the PHAN Club's main page and help benefit the people of Japan in their effort to clean up after this disaster, and we'll make sure that you are enjoying our game in no time!

It's important for all of us on this tiny planet, including Puny Human, to help each other out -- so please do your part.

Edit Sat 16/04/2011:

We've finally gotten the receipt back from the Red Cross. We'd like to thank you again for donating money to the relief efforts in Japan. Here's the receipt email:


Puny Human has landed!

Welcome to the new website of Puny Human! Puny Human is our brand new initiative to step outside of the bounds of a team that creates game modifications. We are a full-fledged independent game development studio that hopes to bring fun and creative games to the many, for years to come!

Be sure to look around, ask questions and get acquainted. We hope to spend the next few weeks being very candid, and showing off our new projects and things we have done over the years!

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